Every website has a different needs, content, and platform so we don’t offer any fix plans to our clients. And if anyone does so, that mean they are lying to you.

For Example there so many kinds of the platform in which website get designed, like WordPress, Joomla, bootstrap, HTML, PHP, OS Commerce and much more. And every single one has their own reason to have a website like some, use their website to sell products, some use to show their company resume some uses to show their personal portfolio, like this, there are so many people with different reasons.

In some website, you just need 2 pages to show your entire information and in some, you need 20 pages. So you can understand why we don’t offer any fixed price, even there are so many ad on features for the website and what all you need we really can’t tell. So the best way to understand our clients, we request everyone to send us an email with your details and we will call you to understand your project before we give you any quote